Movement Mechanics is a mobile paediatric physiotherapy service providing assessment and intervention services to infants, toddlers, children and their families throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas.

What We Do

Movement Mechanics Physiotherapy provides specialised paediatric physiotherapy for infants, toddlers, young children and adolescents who may have movement challenges or developmental delays. Our services are convenient and available anywhere, at home, at school, or in the community. Our professional physiotherapists can provide specialised paediatric screening, assessment and intervention programs.

Our Process

Movement is a key part of what we do at Movement Mechanics. Our ethos revolves around a three step process that has a soul goal. This goal is to reconnect the dots which in turn improves function.


Assessment of neuro sensory motor development and functional skills to identify key areas of strength and areas in need of enhancement.


Intervention programs that are fun, targeted, family centred are implemented to assist in the attainment of your goals and to maximise each individual’s movement potential.

Education & Collaboration

Education of parents, carers and the child’s unique support networks in order to foster an environment that can support improved movement potential and independence. Timely communication with all team members to ensure we are all working together to help reach goals.


How we can help

Movement Analysis; Functional and sport specific.

Flexibility; Extensibility of target tissues: muscle, tendon, fascia and neuro-dynamic.

Strength; muscle-tendon structure, neuro-motor activation, co-ordination and timing of activation.

Balance; sensory feedback/feedforward loops: somatosensory, vision, vestibular.

Function; current/expected and desired activity levels for each individual.

Development; infant and child assessment and intervention for neuro-developmental gross and fine motor problems and delay.

One on one Individualized session with physiotherapist.

About our Managing Director.

Amanda Bacon

Amanda Bacon is an experienced Brisbane Physiotherapist with over 25 years’ experience practicing as a physiotherapist. Amanda is trained in the performance of the NSMDA Neuro-Sensory Motor Developmental Assessment for the screening of infants and children’s motor competency. Over the last 15 years Amanda extended her expertise into the area of neurodevelopmental paediatrics completing a Master of physiotherapy (paediatrics) in 2010. Amanda has experience in a diverse range of paediatric settings; from the area of growth and development in tertiary hospital clinics, to not for profit organisations and in private practice settings. Amanda has also worked within and in collaboration with both private and public primary and secondary schools. Additionally, over the course of Amanda’s career she has worked in private practice settings with a focus on typical and complex musculoskeletal conditions (chronic acute and post surgical spines). Amanda is a NSMDA approved instructor that has taught postgraduate courses nationally and internationally to therapy teams. Additionally, Amanda has taught as a clinical educator, lecturer, physiotherapy examiner at the Australian Catholic University.

Wide & Powerful


Our Brisbane based physiotherapy services include one on one mobile paediatric physiotherapy. Paediatric Screening. School screening and intervention programs (TMC). Educational Talks (Infant and child motor development).

Youth & School Programs

The Targeted Motor Control Program (TMC) has been designed by physiotherapist Amanda Bacon MPhty (Paeds). The program is designed to aid in the enhancement of competent motor skills development, for those children experiencing difficulties with age appropriate motor skills ability and coordination. This program can be carried out and implemented to compliment all current school curriculum development.

Educational Presentations

Educational presentations for parents, teachers, doctors, and allied health staff providing: Education on how best to facilitate baby’s movement development and maximizing children’s motor competence potential whilst the body systems are developing. Education on screening and assessment of paediatric movement disorders (TMC & NSMDA).


If you would like to know a little more about our services please just ask!

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